Platypus Press, 2018
Highly Commended by the Forward Prizes

“Whether in images of species native to the British Virgin Islands or in epic-mythic memory of the Ramayana, Georges’ Giant sings its creation story. Saints, ghosts, legends blend into one another, layering the land and seascapes with history.”
– Rajiv Mohabir, Author of The Cowherd’s Son

“These poems are sky-rooted and earthbound, at once elusive and grounded as they turn on the revolving eye.”
– Ishion Hutchinson, Author of House of Lords and Commons

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Make Us All Islands

Shearsman Books, 2017
Shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection

“Singing ‘light into bleakness,’ in vivid poetic language that shakes us out of apathy, Georges’ harsh and lyrical hymns portray the painful beauty of the Virgin Islands and Caribbean archipelago.”
Loretta Collins Klobah, Author of The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman

“Richard Georges’ poems enter Caribbean literature like the sea rolling up sotto voce on the sand after the last of the small fuss of waves in the shallows.”
Vladimir Lucien, Author of Sounding Ground

“In these pages all roads lead to the sea. The poet never plots a route. Gods fall, forgotten paths return, poetry books break and glasses of water kill. Though the sea divides, it brings redemption.”
Andre Bagoo, Author of BURN

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Reviews: Write Out Loud; Smartish Pace; Dundee University Review; Martyn Crucefix; Trinidad Guardian; Stride Magazine