A catalogue of work available online.

– The Scottish Poetry Library’s The Written World
‘Josiah’s Bay’, ‘Cane Rows’, – St. Somewhere
‘In the Terminal’, ‘The Cutters’, ‘The Seafarers’sx salon
‘Bush Tea’Wasafiri
‘Griot’, ‘Birth’, ‘In the Moment Freedom Comes’Susumba Book Bag
‘Blue Runner’The Puritan
‘[new] Ways to Honour the Dead’, ‘Cane Harvest / La Romana, 1918’ Prelude
‘Darkening/Freeport’, ‘Redemption 2. Writing Walter’, ‘Sea Bath’those that this
‘Beating a Stone’, ‘Wind’, ‘Corpse I’, ‘Prosper’s Storm’Interviewing the Caribbean
Exorcism/Freeport‘ – Cordite Poetry Review
‘300 Goats’, ‘Crossing Over’ – The Rusty Toque
‘Ghazal of Guyana’ – Forward Arts Foundation Profile
‘Fuir et se Cacher’ – Adda (forthcoming)
‘On Remembering, or Dreams of Remembering’, ‘Too Full of Vermouth and Cigarette Smoke’ – The Poetry Review (forthcoming)
‘Little Lion’, ‘Wardian Case’, ‘Burn’, ‘Antilia’, ‘The History [or Geography] of Bays’ – 2018 Peekash Press Anthology (forthcoming)

‘Lobo’Duppy Thursday, Akashic Books